Internet 101

New to the WORLD WIDE WEB? Still trying to wonder what that “mouse” is doing on your desk? (EEEK! Don’t worry, it’s just a name!)

Check out our helpful glossary of internet terms… think of it as your “AAA Travel Guidebook” to driving along the information superhighway. Vroom vroom!

AOL – Stands for “America Online” which is an internet subscription service

Browser – A computer program that lets you view different web pages on the Internet

Chatroom – An “online” location that allows different users to communicate with each other electronically. Best thing about a chatroom is there’s no dress code!

Download – The practice of getting an information file onto your personal computer by copying it from the Internet

Electronic mail (E-MAIL) – An electronic mail “letter” sent from one computer to another using the Internet

Floppy Disk – A way to store and transfer information off of your personal computer

Modem – A device that connects your computer to the Internet by using a telephone line

Mouse – A small device for controlling the pointer on your computer screen

Spam – Yes, like the meat… except it’s not! This is an unsolicited electronic mail message, usually trying to sell you something you don’t want. Sounds like a telemarketer in your computer!

“Surfing the Net” – Slang term used by “techhies” to describe viewing multiple pages on the WORLD WIDE WEB

Virus – A software system that can get your computer sick – blech!

World Wide Web – A hypertext-based navigation system on the Internet that lets you browse through different linked resources